Drain Jetting: Top 10 FAQ’s & Step-by-Step Guide

What is drain jetting?

Drain jetting is an effective solution for unblocking and clearing drains. It uses high-pressure water jetting systems to forcefully remove obstructions and is even suitable for removing stubborn grease and tree roots. The jetting process can be used on both indoor and outdoor drains and is suitable for both commercial and residential drainage systems. As it only uses water, and no harsh chemicals, is it also an eco-friendlier option than other drain clearing systems.

How does drain jetting work?

Drain jetting works by connecting a high-pressure hose to a water jetting system. This system can deliver water pressure from 3000 – 8000 PSI (pounds per square inch). It comes with a range of different sized nozzles which means it can be used on various blockages and pipe sizes. Once the correct nozzle has been chosen the jet is positioned in the pipe and is slowly guided through the system. The water then dislodges any obstructions within the drain and professional techniques are used to ensure all blockages are removed and no damage is caused.

What is drain jetting used for?

  • Drain jetting is used to remove grease, oil, and other debris from your drainage system. This can be as part of a regular maintenance visit or during an emergency call-out.
  • It is great for removing tree roots that have infiltrated your drainage system to restore full functionality.
  • It can be used as a proactive measure to prevent blockages and damage by being utilised regularly. This can be particularly beneficial for commercial properties, such as restaurants.
Drain that requires drain jetting

Benefits of drain jetting:

  • The process is known for being environmentally friendly, as instead of using harsh chemicals that can harm the environment, and your pipes, it only uses water.
  • Drain jetting is a versatile option for clearing drains due to the variety of drains and pipes it can be used on, from smaller residential drainage systems, all the way up to large industrial pipes.
  • You can save money over the long-term by cleaning your drains regularly as part of a maintenance plan – Being proactive with your drain maintenance can help avoid more costly repairs.

Our step-by-step process:

1. When we arrive at the property, we will initially assess the drains condition using a CCTV drain survey. This will help us identify the cause of the blockage and any other potential issues within the system, and will ensure the right equipment and technique is used.

2. The equipment will then be set up and this is done by connecting the hose to the machine and attaching the selected nozzle.

3. The jet is then guiding trough your drainage system whilst the high-pressure water is activated to clear all blockages.

4. After jetting, we will then inspect the drain again to make sure we have cleared all debris and check the overall condition of the drains.

5. Lastly, any large debris are manually removed, leaving the area, and your pipes, clean and flowing freely.


1. How does drain jetting clear blockages?

Drain jetting uses high-pressure water that is blasted through the blocked drain, which forcefully breaks apart whatever blocking the pipe – like debris, grease, or tree roots.

2. Does drain jetting prevent future clogs?

Drain jetting is a method of unblocking and clearing pipes, so regular jetting can help prevent future clogs, however, as blockages can be caused by underlying issues, such as damaged pipes, it is highly recommended that you have your drains assessed regularly.

3. Is drain jetting safe for all pipes?

Drain jetting is generally safe to be used on most types of pipes, however it’s important to note that improper use or excessive pressure could cause damage to certain types of pipes, especially if they are older or fragile. For this reason, it’s important to hire a professional drain jetting technician who can assess the condition of your pipes before carrying out any work.

4. How much does drain jetting cost?

The cost can vary depending on several factors, severity of the blockage, location, complexity of the drainage system and whether any additional services are required.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service in UK

5. Should I hire a professional?

As the equipment operates at extremely high pressures which can be dangerous if not used correctly, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional – There is also a possibility of damaging your pipes if they are not assessed prior to use.

6. Is drain jetting environmentally friendly?

Drain jetting is considered an environmentally friendly option to drain cleaning. This is because it uses only water, without the need for harsh chemicals, which can harm the environment and corrode pipes over time. It is however important to use drain jetting responsibly to ensure excess water usage is minimised and that wastewater is disposed of according to environmental regulations.

7. What happens to the blockage material?

Once the process is complete the waste material is washed away along with the water flow, which means it enters the drainage system and eventually reaches the sewer or septic system attached to your drains. If there are any particularly large or solid blockages, we will remove these by hand and dispose of them.

8. Does drain jetting work on indoor and outdoor drains?

Yes, drain jetting can be used on both indoor and outdoor drains as the equipment can be adapted to various types and sizes of drains and pipes.

9. How often should I have my drains cleaned?

We would advise that for a residential property, you set up an annual or half-yearly drain cleaning maintenance plan, however, for a commercial drainage system, or a system within a high-usage area, you may wish to set up a more frequent plan to ensure optimal drainage performance.

10. How long does drain jetting take?

On average it takes a couple of hours to complete a drain jetting service, however, this is dependent on the size of the drainage system and the extent of the blockage.

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Elite Drainage Services is your trusted local choice for drain jetting and drain cleaning. Whether you require routine maintenance or help with urgent drain unblocking, our skilled team is ready to handle it efficiently and professionally.

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